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Access 45+ local lenders with low rates from 1.89% | 2.85% comparison rate*

Why source your loans locally?

Because, in a hyper-competitive market, local institutions have to match the lowest available rates from overseas banks. Our access to a panel of over 45 local lenders ensures we can harness that competition whilst providing legendary service and turnaround times!

But talk is cheap and, at present, so is money.

So talk to us today about your financing needs and let us show you how you can contribute to the economy by sourcing in-country.

Our understanding of local lending requirements allows us to navigate the process for you, the key to which is quickly assessing your finances and assisting you in compiling and completing your application.

We believe that the easiest way to complete the process is by picking up the phone and talking to a human, so contact us on 1300 114 383 to start a conversation or send us your preferred time to discuss using the form below.

Making loans easier for Australians.

Our understanding of lending requirements makes sourcing and accessing finance a breeze!

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Who are we?

AO Finance is the leasing and finance arm of an Australian-owned retail and commercial group employing over 100 Australians.

We established the company in 2020, partly to provide better service for our asset finance customers, but also to respond to the COVID-driven desire by Australian consumers to support local business and industry.

We have strong established relationships with local banks and institutions built over years in the industry that enables us to access hyper-competitive rates of finance for our clients with industry-leading turnaround times.